Friday, August 25, 2006

17-year-old Saves Family From Gunman

Las Vegas SUN: Utah sheriff says youth stabbed Las Vegas intruder to death After being bound with duct tape, the 17-year-old frees himself and retrieves a hunting knife, and goes to assist his step-father.
"He goes in to assist his stepfather," [Iron County Sheriff Mark] Gower said. "The juvenile delivers several blows to the suspect in the back. He (the assailant) is bleeding quite heavily, and the fight continues even after that."
Eventaully the wounded goblin decided to leave. He was found about 150 feet from the home with no pulse and not breathing.

The goblin had recently been fired by the homeowner who owns a construction company.
Gower described the boy as a levelheaded kid "who, in my opinion, saved his family's lives."
The 17-year-old's actions are considered justified.

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