Tuesday, August 15, 2006

British "Justice" Leaves Criminals Free

Real Crime, Fake Justice by Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal Summer 2006 The state of the British Criminal Justice System (so-called) is discussed in terms that make you think the Brits are just plain crazy.

The British government wants to keep prison costs low - and the British Left wants to continue to scoff at Americans who lock up violent criminals instead of working for healing - so the government lets violent criminals go again and again.

Consider the case of Anthony Rice.
Rice, it turned out, had been assaulting women since 1972. He had been convicted for assaulting or raping a total of 15 women before murdering Naomi Bryant, and it is a fair supposition that he had assaulted or raped many more who did not go to the police. In 1982, he grabbed a woman by the throat, held a knife to her, and raped her. Five years later, while out of prison on home leave, he grabbed a woman, pushed her into a garden, held a knife to her, and raped her for an hour. Receiving a life sentence, he was transferred to an open prison in 2002 and then released two years later on parole as a low-risk parolee. He received housing in a hostel for ex-prisoners in a village whose inhabitants had been told, to gain their acquiescence, that none of the residents there was violent; five months after his arrival, he murdered Naomi Bryant. In pronouncing another life sentence on him, the judge ordered that he should serve at least 25 years: in other words, even now the law has not quite thrown away the key.
At the same time, the British government is quick to prosecute anyone who might defend themselves from attack.

The other thing is the insane idea of an "open prison." Isn't prison defined by the fact that the doors are locked?
Scandal has followed scandal. A short time later, we learned that prisoners had been absconding from one open prison, Leyhill, at a rate of two a week for three years—323 in total since 1999, among them 22 murderers. This outrage came to light only when a senior policeman in the area of Leyhill told a member of Parliament that there had been a crime wave in the vicinity of the prison. The member of Parliament demanded the figures in the House of Commons; otherwise they would have remained secret.
This is a terrible description of a population left defenseless after the liberal intellectuals have had their way, and bureaucrats who back them up. The police are overwhelmed and don't even record half the crime that comes to them. Policies made on wishful thinking, and outright lies. An a population that is preyed upon by the violent elements.

I hope that our British friends wake up, but when things are this far out off base, it will be some time before they can put things right. I am not sure that even today the average citizen of Great Britain believes that anything can be done.

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