Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Call to 911 Fails to Save Anyone

Woman found stabbed in New Haven home Usually when 911 gets a call, the crime has already occurred, or is in the process of being committed. This is not dig at the police; it is only a recognition of the constraints under which they work. The police cannot save you, and they did not manage to save this woman.
A tenant inside this ... apartment complex was awakened by screams.

She called 911 to report a domestic dispute but when police arrived at her neighbor's door it was too late.

A woman was found dead on the floor.
Neighbors are (wait for it...) "shocked." That real life could intrude on the "quiet area of this neighborhood" they call home has people "startled." Maybe it will startle them enough to wake up to the fact that they do, in fact, live in the real world, and not some fantasy world where crime happens to other people in other places.

Crime can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you find yourself faced with a violent criminal, and you have nothing planned, then you will do nothing - except become a victim. Having a plan does not guarantee you will not be harmed; there are no guarantees in this life. But having a plan will affect the odds of your becoming a victim, and it will affect your self-esteem afterward. Knowing that you did what you could and still failed is better than knowing you did nothing at all.

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