Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Canada Thows Away the Key (almost)

The Daily News: Vicious attacks warrant dangerous tag - Crown Well, almost. Not quite the "three strikes and your out laws" the US has, but they do appear to at least try to get violent felons off the street.

The Crown prosecution service is trying to get one Robert Parkers Somers incarerated for an "indeterminite period" subject to review by the parole board.
"What was striking, however, was his gross minimization of his criminal behaviour," says the report [from a forensic psychiatrist prepared in 2005]. "In particular, his violence towards his intimate partners, even in the face of repeated criminal charges and convictions, including the predicate offense."

In 1989, Somers was convicted of attempted murder. On his way home from a night of drinking, he stabbed a woman, for which he got a 4 1/2-year sentence.
He was recently convicted of aggravated assault against another girlfriend.

I didn't know that Canada had its act together this much. They have so many of the touch-feely laws I usually associate with the UK, I didn't think that they could take this kind of action. (The reporter tries to get us to feel sorry for the mutant by talking about his abused childhood. Your childhood may not have been perfect, but it's over.)

I hope they get this animal off the streets for a good long time.

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