Friday, August 18, 2006

The Death of Hina Saleem

Middle East Times - Pakistani woman honor killing shocks Italians Strange, but none of the US media outlets are covering this honor killing. al-Reuters, API, et al are studiously ignoring it.

Hina Saleem, 21, was murdered by her own father and brother-in-law and buried in the garden of the family's home in Italy. Third male member of the family is on the run and being hunted by police.

Why was she murdered? For acting like every other 21-year-old in Italy. But the members of the religion of peace can't have that.

And the Left can't stand to look at it, so the MSM, the women's organizations ignore it. It might look like they were taking sides in the culture war, and that would lose them points with all of their muticultural friends.

I have no idea what Italy's courts are like, but given it is Europe, I doubt these (poor excuses for) men will serve much time in prison.

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