Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Guy Wounded, Bad Guy Killed Columbia, SC: Intruder shot, killed in apparent home invasion Two goblins ambush a guy in his own home, but when he doesn't have enough money they want to rob his two friends who had just dropped him off.

Sensing something was wrong, the two friends come into the house armed. One friend is shot and injured, but he still manages to shoot and kill one of the goblins.
A bullet pierced the back door and one hit a car window, leaving glass on the ground. And then one shot struck Mark's friend, but he managed to fire back, killing one of the robbery suspects, 29-year-old Jevis Rogers, a Columbia man who's been in prison many times for several crimes including burglary. [The homeowner's] friend won't be charged in Rogers' death.

Meanwhile, the other robbery suspect is still on the loose, leaving Mark on alert.
Revenge may be an issue.

The homeowner is happy that it worked out as it did, since his kids were in the house (they were not injured). Defense of self, or defense of a friend - it still works.

It is important to note that "doing what the bad guys wanted" or "giving them what they wanted" was no guarantee that bad things wouldn't happen later. Saying so is nothing more than wishful thinking. All too many people are killed in home invasion robberies.

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