Friday, August 11, 2006

The Grand American - largest trapshooting event in the nation

The Southern Illinoisan - Guns plus the public doesn't equal danger A Shooting Sports event and it happens in Illinois of all places. It takes place at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex near Sparta, Illinois (down-state of course).
The first day of the event, I'll admit, I'd do double-takes when seeing someone walk through the vendor mall with a shotgun on their shoulder. By the second day, I didn't even notice.

Seeing all the guns in the open might make city folks a little uneasy - sometimes with good reason. However, any fears politicians had about this facility were misplaced. I can't think of a place in Southern Illinois I'd feel safer.
And then there is old saw about an armed society...
First and foremost, I don't think I've ever been involved with a more polite and friendly, group of people. I'm sure there are a few jerks in attendance - I just haven't run into any of them.

These shooters are dedicated and passionate about their sport. This is not a group of people that present a danger to society with a shotgun in their hands.
[Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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