Friday, August 18, 2006

“He chose poorly”

Mt. Lebanon native hailed for saving life Good Guys came out ahead on this one.

First on the scene of a domestic dispute, where a woman was being held with a knife to her throat, Sheriff's Deputy John Sleigher Jr. is honored for saving that woman's life.
Deputy Sleigher, 39, responded to a call Oct. 5 for a verbal domestic dispute. He was 10 miles away, and by the time he was two miles away, he was radioed that the situation had escalated and a woman was being held at knife-point.
When he arrived, a woman and a baby were outside, and she said her mother's boyfriend was inside threatening her mother with a knife.

Deputy Sleigher drew his gun, a .40-caliber pistol, and went inside, where he found the man holding an 8-inch knife to a woman's neck.

The man did not obey the lawman's order to drop the knife. The man said that he was going to kill the woman and then leaned back and let out a war cry. Deputy Sleigher said he knew he was going to stab her.
He shot 4 times, but there was little effect given the booze and the methamphetamines, so he grabbed the woman out of the way and shot twice more, killing the man.
He was named the Florida Deputy Sheriff of the Year this month by the Florida Sheriffs Association
He says he doesn't have problems with shooting, since he acted to save a life.
"He chose poorly," Deputy Sleigher said of the [goblin].

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