Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hysteria from the Left on Kids and Guns

Guns loose in households with teenagers: study | Reuters.com OK according to this study 42% of homes with children 13 or older have at least one firearm. In 10 percent of the homes with teenagers the guns are loaded and unlocked.

The author of this story is clearly shocked, but the very numbers reported should allay fears. Only a handful of teenagers commit mayhem with these guns.

There is also a red herring about guns being loaded and locked. That is a red herring because most of those guns are probably to be found in ready-access safes for use in an emergency. But they are locked, so what's the problem?

The problem of course is that these parents are not acting in the way the Left wants them to act. Kids and guns in the same house. What is the problem?

Expect the Brady Bunch to use this study to propose a whole new set of laws. [Hat tip KABA]

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