Thursday, August 24, 2006

‘I will shoot you’

Vail Daily News - Girls with Guns: ‘I will shoot you’ A nice article about empowering women and girls to defend themselves.
“Stop! I have a gun. Leave my house,” shouted the 11-year-old girl.
And with the words barely out of her mouth, Noel Smith opened fire.

Any intruder would be dead on his back, but this was just practice. Noel, along with seven other women, was practicing her marksmanship at a session of Girls and Their Guns, a summer-long program that teaches women how to shoot and about gun safety.
Some great stories are presented. Women using guns to defend themselves against intruders without firing a shot. Women who overcame their fear of guns.
When Nancy Jones-Broder’s husband suggested they start shooting a couple years ago, Jones-Broder was less than thrilled about the idea.

“I didn’t like guns,” she said. “I was afraid of them.”

Jones-Broder recalled visiting an indoor shooting range in Denver.

“I cried the whole time,” she said.

Girls and Their Guns has helped foster a strong bond between Jones-Broder and her .45.
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