Monday, August 21, 2006

The Lie of “Just Give Them What They Want”

Suspect identified in store clerk slaying - Nashville, Tennessee The Left is always saying, "Just give a criminal what he wants, and he will leave you alone." They never say what a woman confronted by a rapist should do, but that is another post.

This is the story of a tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee.
[24-year-old south Nashville convenience store clerk Rejwinder] Grewal was shot even though he handed over the money from the Y’R Market, 167 Lafayette St., police said. Video cameras captured the robbery and shooting
Say it again... He was shot AFTER he handed over the money. He gave the goblin (police have identified Lavonn Rozelle as a suspect) what the goblin asked for. He was killed in cold blood.

I don't know if a gun and the ability to defend himself would have saved Rejwinder Grewal, but we do know what happened when he followed the advice of the Left. Not being a threat, and following instructions did not save this young man. Can you think of a worse outcome than the death of law-abiding 24-year-old? Can you think of a better outcome?

Self-defense is a human right.

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