Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Man Dead, British Cops Hiding Behind Bureaucratic Double-talk

Father dies on doorstep after clash with youths - Britain - Times Online Problems had existed for a long time, but if the police notice it, they would have forms to fill in, and god knows how much work to do.
“I phoned the police every day for five weeks and they never even came to take a statement from me.”
They ended by killing
Peter Woodhams, 22, staggered to his front door in Canning Town, East London, after being shot in the chest and collapsed onto the ground.
It turns out that the people in the know believe that this same gang came close to killing Woodhams in January when they stabbed him in the neck.

So what is the police response?
The spokeswoman said: “Following the tragic murder of Peter Woodhams, officers from the Specialist Crime Directorate were made aware of a serious stabbing incident involving the victim in January 2006. Officers from the SCD have been liaising with the senior officers from Newham borough to establish the outcome of this incident; as a result a full review is currently being conducted to ensure correct standards of police procedure were initially taken.”
They will review their procedures. They didn't say anything like, "We will brings these violent criminals to justice." But then they won't bring anyone to justice.

I imagine they will hand out some "warnings" to the Yobs involved.

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