Saturday, August 19, 2006

Neighbors "Shocked"

Neighbors "Shocked" By City's Latest Homicide This actually a sad story. The death of a man who was getting his act together - he had spent years in public housing but had lately purchased his own home - at the hands of what appears to be one or more urban goblins.
55-year old Kenneth Cunningham was shot to death Thursday as he arrived home and interrupted one or more people burglarizing his house
It also isn't clear if neighbors are really "shocked" as the title of the article implies, or if that is just the reporter. Neighbors are scared, since as the police point out, coming home and interupting a crime is something anyone might do.

No where in the article is any mention made of security precautions one might take. The burglars broke the glass out of sliding patio door, so better locks are not an issue. Perhaps there is no way to address a situation like this except to be armed yourself, and even that offers no guarantee of survival.

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