Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One Woman Who Will Never Again Be a Victim - News - Victim Learns How To Shoot Gun Before Attackers Paroled
"If it's me or them, it's not going to be me anymore," said Cathy Lindsey. "I would not hesitate for a minute to protect my life."
These 3 guys (one turned states evidence) brutally raped a women 23-years ago. She was 24-years-old at the time. Why are these two criminals being let out of prison 5 years early? 23 years ago, they promised to take revenge if she went to the authorities. Has anything changed?
Reed, 53, and Robert Hogsten, 49, are being released Monday, after serving all but five years of their sentences on rape convictions. In exchange for their guilty pleas, prosecutors dropped charges of aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery.
The evidence was fairly conclusive, not even including her eye-witness testimony... they didn't bother to conceal their identities.

The attitude of the head bureaucrat city manager shows why May Issue concealed carry laws don't work.
Middletown City Manager Bill Becker, a former police officers who was one of the detectives investigating the case 23 years ago, said he never was a fan of concealed carry laws.

"But it's certainly Cathy's right, if she feels the need, and in this particular case, I wouldn't blame her," he said.
So what is his solution? Is he or his city police department going to protect her 24 hours a day? What did his police department do all those years ago? (They showed up after the fact and took a statement, collected evidence, etc.) He was on the force when the crime was committed. What should women living alone today do, given that the police come after the fact to investigate the crimes? What should women do (single or not) who have to drive or walk the violent streets of the world? My answer is that these women - or at least those comfortable - should carry concealed weapons. When they are unfortunate enough to meet a goblin who attemtps to rape them, they can blow his head off in self-defense.

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