Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Percentages, Safety and Betting Your Life on a Restraining Order

KHON2 - Abusive patterns lead to surge in murders of women Why oh why do people just not see that while a restraining order is an interesting legal document, it is no guarantee of safety.
"A restraining order is not like a suit of body armor or an armed guard," said Gail Loden, who provides domestic abuse counseling for the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center. "It's just a piece of paper. Some of the men do get more angry."
50% of restraining orders are violated in Hawaii. 50 percent. Yet women are encouraged to rely on them, and discouraged from getting some real personal protection.

If the brakes on your car only worked every other time you needed to stop, how much would you drive? If the anti-virus software on your computer only stopped every other virus, how useful would the Internet be?

The referenced article is is a story about domestic violence murders in Hawaii. Seems there have been several high-profile cases recently, one complete with 911 tapes of the attack. But self-reliance (the only thing that will work in the instant you are attacked) is not given any weight, and women are told to go to shelters. They are told this by shelter-operators of course. (Without a constant supply of victims, the victim-support organizations - so called - would be out of work.)

Hawaii is in theory a "May Issue" state when it comes to concealed carry. In reality, no one is ever issued a permit to carry. The police don't believe anyone, and definitely not a woman with a restraining order, has a need to be able to defend themselves. Call 911 and pray to be saved. Call 911 and say goodbye to your loved ones. Go hide in a shelter. Go hide at your mother's. Hope the Boogeyman doesn't find you.

And while the number of reported domestic violence incidents is up, arrests are down. You cannot rely on "The System" to save you. You need to save yourself.

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