Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Storm and Boat Update

The storm seems to have mostly taken an eastward path. If the currnet projections hold true, even in the worst case for my location, things shouldn't be too bad. I still am continuing with the work - just in case.

I re-bedded the lens in my forward hatch, as it was leaking. I have to finish trim the caulking (actually 3M 5200) today.

Then I will install the dorade vent cover-plates. Dorades allow air to enter the boat and keep most water at bay. The cover plates make them more water-proof, since if we get any weather it is likely to be heavy rains. (They actually need to be re-installed, as I had removed everything prior to doing some varnishing.)

Then there is general cleaning, provisions for a few days, top off the water tanks, etc. If I had time I would go get some more fuel, but I have enough.

Wish the people of South Florida and Miami luck. It looks like they will get hit, but not too hard. (click on the map for a larger view)

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