Saturday, August 12, 2006

Swords Instead of Guns

mAss Backwards: It's Another Happy Ending Burglars chased off by resident with sword. Lacerations and severed fingers. (The goblins were arrested at the hospital, and will be moved to the jail when released.)

I love massBackwards take on the situation more than the original stories -- though they are good too.

One of the goblins takes down a Samurai sword that has been used as a wall decoration. There is at least one gun involved. All this is taking place at 3:30 in the morning.
One of said victims, upon reaching the conclusion that being a victim totally sucks, decides to ignore all the excellent advice laid out in the Self Defense for Liberals Handbook, rushes the guy with the sword, takes the sword away from him, and proceeds to slice of a few of the scumbag's fingers in the process.
Self-defense works, even in the face of goblins holding all the cards weapons, self-defense fueled by the understanding that no one is going to save your ass, if you don't, works.

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