Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This Actually Restores a Little of My Faith in the Jury System

justiceWife Found Guilty in Attack You can't shoot someone in the back - for the most part - and reasonably claim self-defense. If someone is attacking you, you can defend yourself. Otherwise it is assault or something worth.

In this case she shot him in the back and stabbed him multiple times with a kitchen knife over an argument about marinated steaks.
On Wednesday, a Kanawha County jury found Kathy Hiskey guilty of attempted murder and unlawful wounding. During the trial, the defense lawyer argued she acted in self-defense.
The jury's decision came as a shock for some who thought an all-female jury would take pity on a wife who claimed to be abused.
She faces a minimum of three years in prison.

The whole "battered wife" syndrome always made me extremely upset. If someone is attacking you, you can defend yourself, but it isn't kosher to set them on fire in the middle of the night. The danger of death or grave bodily injury must be imminent.

I don't know the whole story about the marinated steaks, but it just doesn't seem like anything so important to get tied up in a life or death struggle over. Very little is.

When I owned my last house, I used to tell people that if you could get the stereo into the car before the police got there (I had an alarm system and lived in a place that had excellent police response times) you were working hard enough you probably deserved the stereo. But if anyone so much as turned the handle on the bedroom door, they were going to have to deal with the business end of the House Gun and some semi-jacketed hollow point ammo.

My life is worth defending. My safety is worth killing for. But marinated steaks?

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