Saturday, August 19, 2006

Threats, Stalking, Attacks, Yet Restraining Order Does Nothing

Bradenton Herald | 08/19/2006 | Records document Orland Hanks' history of violence against women Repeated violations of a restraining order. Repeated threats. He attempted suicide and committed more violations of that restraining order.
Despite Smith's reports, Hanks was never arrested.
Why bother with a restraining order when nothing will be done about violations?

This is not the first restraining order that Orlando Hanks ignored. A previous girlfriend also got a restraining order and Hanks also ignored that continuing to harrass her. In that case he was also never prosecuted for violations of the order.

Restraining orders may be interesting legal documents, but so often they fail to have any effect in the real world.

Hanks is dead in a murder/suicide. Also dead is Michele Smith

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