Thursday, August 24, 2006

UN Backed Gun Control and Genocide

How the United Nations Facilitates Genocide Darfur, Sudan the villagers are unarmed as a direct result of UN-backed gun control. So they can't defend themselves.
So with the black villagers disarmed—thanks to Sudan’s strict gun laws—and the Arab gangs well-armed (thanks to the government), the stage was set for genocide. Typically, the mounted Arab gangs would attack a village on the ground, while the Sudanese military provided air support and bombed the village.
Would arming them change the outcome? It would certainly make it more risky for the Arab gangs. It might not change the final result, but it may. We know what is happening when they are disarmed.
In the south Sudan, the genocide program killed 2.2. million victims, and drove 4.5 million from their homes. Victims who were not killed were often sold into slavery. Rape was extensively used as an instrument of state terror.
Would you rather fight and die, or be slaughtered like sheep? [Hat tip NRA-ILA]

Self-defense is a human right.

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