Saturday, August 19, 2006

When the Idea of a Hate Crime Causes Problems

gay flagKRT Wire | 08/19/2006 | Lesbians allegedly beat man for spitting on them This shows what hate crimes are really all about, the belief that one group of people should be treated differently than everyone else.

When a guy gets "rebuffed" by a lesbian he spits on her. Right at that point, he is in the wrong, and if they had stopped and called police at this point he would be in trouble.

But that isn't what happened. Six lesbians attacked this guy.
The women - all from Newark, N.J. - whipped Buckle with belts before 4-foot-11 Patreese Johnson allegedly stabbed him in the belly with a steak knife, police said.
Where does the idea of a hate crime come in?
"He spit on us and threw a cigarette," another woman said. "This is a hate crime."
It may have been, and perhaps he is guilty of a crime, but they are all charged with gang assault and criminal possesion of weapon (though how you can be in "criminal possesion" of a steak knife is beyond me).

Hate crimes are thought crimes. If I am attacked, that is assault. If I am attacked because I am a lesbian (or for my religion, or whatever...) no other penalties should apply. What you think of me should not be a crime. Actions should rule the law. The idea that someone should be punished for what they think in America is frightening.

Don't even get me started on "hate speech." (Freedom of speech includes the right to be insulting, stupid, ... In short, it includes the right to say things you disagree with.)

Of course, in the event of an attack all of the standard penalties should apply, and they often didn't. In the past, Police would break up a bashing and send the goblins on their way.... no names, no reports, no penalty. (That is of course when they bothered to break up the bashing in the first place.) I don't agree with the idea of hate crimes, but I understand how we got here. I think we should all be equal before the law, and if you do too, then you should insist that your police and your prosecutors to act accordingly.

These six women are finding out that in some ways they are equal before the law.
They were awaiting arraignment Friday night.

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