Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why Has Feminism Abandoned Women of the World?

Wimmin at War - Sunday Times In an effort to not insult other cultures, the left has abandoned the women of some of those cultures to slavery and torture.
In the week when a massive bomb plot against civilians was uncovered in Britain, Chesler’s critique of women’s complacency in her book is prophetic. “The Islamists who are beheading Jews and American civilians, stoning Muslim women to death, jailing Muslim dissidents and bombing civilians on every continent are now moving among us both in the East and in the West,” she writes.

“I fear that the ‘peace and love’ crowd in the West refuses to understand how Islamism endangers our values and our lives, beginning with our commitment to women’s rights and human rights.” Women’s studies programmes should have been the first to sound the alarm, she points out: “They did not.”
Anyone who mentions the plight of women under Islam is labeled a racist and discounted. No discussion is needed, and no action. Just wave signs that blame America for everything. So much easier to do that, than to try and understand complex issues.

Of course there were always some on the Left who were more pro-Soviet Union than anti-nuke. They never gave up their love affair with Marx (not Groucho) even in the face of 11 million dead Ukrainians under Stalin, The Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution and the other "programs" in the Red China. And so today they are anti-American no matter who is on the other side.

(If America is really so bad, why are those Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Hatians, Cubans, et al trying so desperately to get here?)

This is an interesting article that tracks the "peace and love" movement from the anti-nuke days of the 1980s to the present. [Hat tip to Ith]

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