Thursday, August 31, 2006

You don't have to be gay to be bashed

Orange County Weekly: Student faces prison after anti-gay attack. All you have to do is "look" the part to some idiot.
On Aug. 9, Fullerton police detectives arrested the 21-year-old business major for conduct that isn’t Van Wilder cool. Cops say Gastelum viciously attacked two young women near campus this summer because he assumed—incorrectly—that they were a lesbian couple.

Gastelum did not respond to requests for an interview, but here’s law enforcement’s version of events:

At about 2 a.m. on July 17, two women—ages 20 and 22, old friends—were walking through an alley to a Fullerton apartment when they encountered Gastelum. He was walking in the opposite direction with four friends—a guy and three girls. Gastelum laughed at the victims

When one of the female victims told him to show manners, Gastelum repeated his anti-gay epithets and allegedly punched the 20-year-old woman in her face, throat and chest, according to police. The force of the blows knocked her to the pavement. When she stood up, he allegedly struck her at least five more times. The second woman tried to protect her friend, which prompted Gastelum to ask, “What are you, her bitch?” He then allegedly slugged the woman 12 to 15 times, threw her into a nearby garage door and kicked her body.
If convicted of all charges (battery and a hate crime) he faces 3 years in jail.

But say it again. This was NOT a lesbian couple, just two friends minding their own business. He insults and then attacks them for no reason (except his prejudice of course)

The goblin's male friend laughed while a large muscled man beat up two 5-ft-nothing women. The women he was with stood by and watched.

When a witness appeared, he ran like the gutless wonder he must be, if he beat up two women.

So don't walk with a friend - you might look gay to some neanderthal who will pound you into the ground to shore up his failing self-esteem.

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