Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report - Assault By Weapons Used

Aggravated Assault Table - Crime in the United States 2005

Aggravated Assault constitutes 62.1 percent of all violent crime in the US in 2005, so I suppose it makes sense to look at this data.

When I see data like this, I have even less understanding for the anti-gun crowd (and in the UK, there is also and anti-knife crowd as well.) Guns don't constitute the bulk of weapons used in crime, and there are plenty of alternatives.

The "personal weapons" category is especially interesting. If a large person assaults a small person (or an elderly person or a disabled person) with just their hands, they can do substantial damage. How is that person to defend herself without some means to equalize the situation?

Region Total all weapons1 Firearms Knives or cutting instruments Other weapons (clubs, blunt objects, etc.) Personal weapons
(hands, fists, feet, etc.)
Total 100.0 21.0 18.9 35.1 25.0
Northeast 100.0 15.6 20.4 33.3 30.7
Midwest 100.0 21.3 17.0 33.1 28.6
South 100.0 22.7 19.9 36.1 21.3
West 100.0 20.0 17.6 35.1 27.3

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