Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Armed Self-defense Works

The Sun News | 09/05/2006 | One shot dead in apparent robbery Two guys try to rob someone. They shoot the victim twice: once in the leg, once in the toe. The victim pulls out his own gun and kills one of them. The other runs away.
Myrtle Beach police responded to the report of a robbery and shooting at 1 a.m. A Myrtle Beach man at the scene told police that two men had robbed him and that one of the men then shot him in the left thigh and left big toe with a handgun, the report states.

The victim then pulled out his handgun and shot the robber. The suspect, Graham, died at the scene.
And they are able to keep "victim" and "criminal" straight.

The dead guy is John Graham, Jr., 19. They have not released the victim's name. His wounds are not life-threatening.

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