Monday, September 18, 2006

Author of The Path to 9/11 speaks up

OpinionJournal - The Path to Hysteria
My sin was to write a screenplay accurately depicting Bill Clinton's record on terrorism.
Cyrus Nowrasteh wrote the screenplay for The Path to 9/11. He has paid a price for it of course.
In July a reporter asked if I had ever been ethnically profiled. I happily replied, "No." I can no longer say that. The L.A. Times, for one, characterized me by race, religion, ethnicity, country-of-origin and political leanings--wrongly on four of five counts. To them I was an Iranian-American politically conservative Muslim. It is perhaps irrelevant in our brave new world of journalism that I was born in Boulder, Colo. I am not a Muslim or practitioner of any religion, nor am I a political conservative. What am I? I am, most devoutly, an American. I asked the reporter if this kind of labeling was a new policy for the paper. He had no response.
But he dared to imply that Clinton was somewhat less than outstanding when it came to fighting terrorism, so of course he had to be attacked. (Did Clinton do anything to fight terrorism?) Worth a look. [via NRA-ILA]

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