Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Defenseless Victim Zone and Mass Shootings

Two dead, 19 hurt in Canada college shooting - Yahoo! News What could have happened if even one of the people in the college had been able to stop this guy? Would no one have died or been hurt? That is probably too much to hope for, but the numbers of dead and injured could have been reduced.
The Ecole Polytechnique gunman, Marc Lepine, 25, left behind a three-page letter that said feminists had ruined his life and named 19 high-profile Quebec women he wanted to kill.
Sounds like someone didn't want to take responsibility for their life.

There are way too many people who want to blame someone else for their problems, and not take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.
Police said the gunman began shooting at 12.41 p.m. (1641 GMT) and police arrived on the scene within three minutes. Students, huddled in their classrooms behind locked doors on the third and fourth floors, could hear the shots being fired.
Cowering like rabbits is the Left's preferred response to situations like this.

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