Sunday, September 17, 2006

Did I Mention I Love Anime?

The MajorGhost in the Shell is a great piece of animation, and one strange story.

The weapon that Major Motoko Kusanagi is holding in this picture is the CZ-M100, a 9mm polymer-frame handgun originally designed for law enforcement. This appears to be a follow-on to the CZ-100 B available today. (GiTS is set a "few" years in the future.)

Update: Wikipedia has a fair article on GiTS, but it does have plot spoilers. Public Security Section 9 is an anti-terrorism unit of the Japanese (?) government in 2030. It consists mostly of cyborgs - people with enhanced bodies and brains. The original movie follows Batou and the Major through a case, and some disgrunteled agents of Public Security Section 6. The story is confusing, but for anime, the quality is good.

Of course one of the things I love about anime in general and Ghost in the Shell in particular is the attention to detail on the weapons. Aside from the weapon the major carries, one of the others that features prominently is the Mateba semi-automatic revolver in .357 magnum carried by Togusa. Described as an "antique" from the 1990s, and usually derided by the other members of Public Security Section 9, I think this a terrific idea. I would love to shoot one.

MatebaThis is one piece of animation I can watch over and over. If you do watch it, watch it with the Japanese language track and the English subtitles at least once. The English dub is tough to watch, as they usually are. Also, the way Japanese and English carry emotion is enough different that it really screws up the dub.

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