Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0 Two people arrested after second fracas (Any story with the word "fracas" in the headline, can't be all bad.)

Two goblins break into a home and shoot a guy in the arm. They leave, and no one calls 911. (Apparently the guy who got shot pulled the bullet out himself. They don't say what caliber.)

The same two come back later, and try to break in again. They are met with a shotgun blast.
The second altercation, on Sunday around 11 a.m., resulted in both suspects being hit with shotgun pellets by the homeowner after the suspects again tried to get into the house.

Police said the suspects had a gun and fired shots into the home. This time, the couple living at the home called 911.
They were arrested at the local hospital when they showed up to get the pellets removed from arms and legs. They are charged with burglary with intent to commit assault.

No charges against the homeowners.

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