Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Don't Often Agree with Garrison Keillor

But he got one thing right. In search of coffee, tea or triacetone triperoxide | Chicago Tribune. The name "The Department of Homeland Security" sucks.

The Department of Defense was called the Department of War until 1947. This was actually a piece of bureaucratic double-speak; its mission did not change. We should change the name of that department back to "The Department of War," since they fight abroad, it makes more sense. (Was this the first example of Political Correctness?) Then we should wait a while - say 10 years or so to get the last of the letterhead changed over - then rename the Department of Homeland Security to be "The Department of Defense." War happens elsewhere, defense happens at home.

"The Homeland" sounds too much like the Fatherland, or Mother Russia.

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