Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Left Doesn't Believe in the Rule of Law

Calderon to be Mexican president - Yahoo! News Or maybe they just don't believe in democracy.

The Mexican Left is still protesting that they lost the election. Since in order to vote in Mexico, you need to provide a government-issue ID, vote fraud is less easy than in places like Wisconsin - where there were many fake ballots cast in 2004. (Now we don't know who cast those ballots, but we do know which party won in Wisconsin... you figure it out.)

And the Mexican Left is saying exactly what the American Left said in 2000, that judges stole the election. The little fact that he lost the original count and lost all of the recounts is beside the point.

Since they lost the election and the lost the court battle to overturn the election, the Mexican Left, under Lopez Obrador is now moving to "rallies." The Left - everywhere - is convinced that if you don't vote for them you are either brainwashed or stupid, or you must be one of the oppressive capitalists. Believing in small government and individual freedom and individual initiative is irrational according to the left. It will be interesting to see what becomes of these "rallies."

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