Sunday, September 24, 2006

Self-defense Never Enters the Equation

The Sun News | 09/24/2006 | Attack spotlights shelter security They talk about security at shelters in light of the killing in North Carolina, which I covered on the 20th.

They talk of gates and locks, security cameras and calling 911. No where in the whole piece do they consider self-defense.

John Woodring entered a women's shelter, with a shotgun, pushed passed several people and shot Bonnie Woodring, killing her. (He is now a fugitive.)

What would have happened if even one of the people present at that incident had been armed? As it was, the only one armed was the bad guy. Most shelters are disarmed victim zones. This needs to change. Women who are in shelters are hiding from abusive stalkers. They need to be taught to defend themselves with firearms - the most effective form of self-defense.

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