Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Statistics On Socialized Medicine

Stethoscope socialism - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper The left always complain about the cost of health care. But the cost is in lives in other countries.
• Breast cancer is fatal to 25 percent of its American victims. In Great Britain and New Zealand, both socialized-medicine havens, breast cancer kills 46 percent of women it strikes.
• Prostate cancer proves fatal to 19 percent of its American sufferers. In single-payer Canada, the National Center for Policy Analysis reports, this ailment kills 25 percent of such men and eradicates 57 percent of their British counterparts.
• After major surgery, a 2003 British study found, 2.5 percent of American patients died in the hospital versus nearly 10 percent of similar Britons. Seriously ill U.S. hospital patients die at one-seventh the pace of those in the U.K.
• "In usual circumstances, people over age 75 should not be accepted" for treatment of end-state renal failure, according to New Zealand's official guidelines. Unfortunately, for older Kiwis, government controls kidney dialysis.
• According to a Populus survey, 98 percent of Britons want to reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment.
So in New Zealand, if you need dialysis, you are expected to die when you turn 75.

Restating the obvious is worth it in this case. In Britain, you are nearly twice as likely to die from breast cancer should you be diagnosed than in the heartless US. And prostate cancer kills at a rate almost 3 times as great in the UK as in the US. Surgery patients die at a rate almost 4 times as great in the UK as in the US..... It is easy to see why the Left wants national health care - they have a death wish.

Other situations documented include people denied surgery for their political beliefs, or people with critical cancer illnesses waiting months to see an oncologist, when days can make the difference between life and death.

So when the debate comes up later this year, or next and during the 2008 campaign, ask them why they want people to die at higher rates. [h/t Never Yet Melted]



Interesting how you cherry picked death rates for diseases like breast cancer, rather than measure all preventable deaths for all diseases. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has done just that, comparing the Health care systems of the U. S. and 18 of our peers, like France, Japan, and Australia. They didn't just take raw statistics, such as life expectantcy or what you mentioned, percentage of hospital deaths, which can be affected by cultural factors. They came up with a number for preventable deaths by timely and effective health care. France came in first, with 64.8 per 100,000. The U. S. came in last with 109.7. If our country performed as well as the top three countries, (France, Japan, and Australia,) we would save the lives of about 100,000 Americans per year.
Funny how conservatives so rarely cite the most complete surveys, the ones normed for cultural or other biases.

Unknown said...

While the Goverment is trying to find the scape goat in HMO's, they should see how the plans would help Medicare recipients obtain medication and preventive care. HMOs are not hte villain, and JCKOTTLER would change his mind if he was almost 70 and in need of dyalisis... Hypocrit!