Thursday, September 07, 2006

Telling The Truth Now a Crime in Britain

Comment is free: Religious extremists demand censorship (again) Updated
Leaders of the Gay Police Association (GPA) have been receiving death threats after their organisation published an advert exposing a 75% increase in homophobic hate crimes perpetrated by religious extremists.
That add was enough to generate outrage. The statistic is not in question, the hubris of mentioning the truth is what is under attack.
. The Met is now investigating whether the GPA advertisement constitutes an anti-religious hate crime. It has referred the complaints to the Crown Prosecution Service.
So telling the truth is now a hate crime.

This is the problem with hate crimes. They are, as I have said before, thought crimes. If you attack me, that is assault. If you attack me because of what you think of my religion, race, sexual orientation, whatever, that is a different crime and differnet penalties apply. The only difference is what you think. Your thoughts have become crimes.

Only non-government-approved thoughts of course. So in this case, we have the goal the supression of factual data about crime in the UK. Give people real information about the crime in their communities? We can't have that! People might be more likely to think for themselves.

Update: Consider The inanity of hate crimes.
CBC News reported Saturday that a masked individual, caught on a security camera, walked up to the doors of an Orthodox Jewish school in Montreal, and tossed a Molotov cocktail. The damage, as reported, was minimal. The article states that "the police have been unwilling to declare the attack a hate crime." It has been, however, declared an "unexplained" case of arson.
Does it matter what this goblin was thinking, or does it only what he did matter?

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