Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Testing Testing ....

So they tell me that Blogger is running a Beta test for a new version. It seems a bit slap-dash to me. People with the new-style blogs can't comment on the old-style, and the reverse is also true.

The thing is I sort of like the old Blogger - when it isn't having problems. I don't much care for a frenzy of graphics - I put graphics in the post when I feel it makes sense.

I probably could have more traffic it I pulled a photo of some young thing off a dating service and pretended it was me, but I don't really want that kind of traffic anyway. (It is supposed to be about the thoughts people. If it is about anything but the writing... well you are wasting your time.)

In the interest of self-preservation, I am investigating alternatives. Accuracy in All Things is the current state of the experiment.

Don't update your bookmarks just yet, but we shall see what happens in the long run. If blogging is light, it is because I am hitting my head against the wall trying to decode what WordPress means in a Blogsome environment. Comments are appreciated.

Update: I didn't realize that this fit in so nicely with a rant that Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has going about a neanderthal at Right Wing News. (No, that probably isn't fair to the cave men, he is more like pond scum.)

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