Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Weekend Of Animation

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

This movie is one of the finest pieces of computer-generated aminmation I have seen. Its style of story telling is a bit confusing, but the fact that three quarters of the movie is action - real all-out action - should make up for that. (May be more than 3/4 of the movie.) Motorcycle chases, battles with dragons (bahamut sin) battles with the bad guys, and the final battle with the ultimate bad guy - Sephiroth. (See GiTS for the other weekend movie)

(View the Trailer in a larger window.)

If you see this movie - now available on DVD - you will be confused. The Original Final Fantasy was released in 1987, and it has been growing more complex since then. Not helped by the fact that the creators never felt constrained to be consistent between versions. The game version of VII was released in 1997. Even given the confusion, I think it is worth it.

One of the things I like about Japanese story telling, anime, or computer generated, is that the women are often hard as nails. The following battle between Tifa, one of the good guys gals and Loz, the hulking (and slightly stupid) bad guy, is classic.

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