Monday, September 18, 2006

Women in the Shooting Sports

.45 ACP 1911-A1Sentinel & Enterprise - Girls with guns Trap, Bullseye, Self-defense, .... lots of reasons are given by lots of women.

A very nice article, whose author isn't surprised women shoot, even if she knows some of her readers will be.

Nice to see that they get the reactions of the Left down.
"I think it's easier to be a gay coming out of a closet than to be a shooter, especially a woman shooter," [Nell Vaughn] said.
When her company instituted a no guns policy, she pointed out that they had created a defenseless-victim-zone. Her boss hadn't even considered that.

I especially liked her description of bullseye pistol competitions.
"Bullseye is a very quiet, slow thing, it was much like meditation," she said. "You really become aware of how much your mind and body interact."
Go take a look.

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