Wednesday, November 22, 2006

20 Minutes to Respond to 911 Call

Students Claim Police Are Late Answering 911 Call - News - | WRC With people trying to break into your apartment, if all you can do is call 911, you are going to wait. In this case some women at the University of Maryland waited while men tried to break down their door.

The excuse being bandied about - lack of technical sophistication on the part of the government.
Police said the delay was because the 911 calls were made from cell phones. After reaching dispatch centers, police said the calls were likely transferred from agency to agency until they finally reached university police.
Yes, it is completely unreasonable to expect police and the government generally to be able to respond to cell phone calls in a reasonable time. After all, cell phones were only introduced into wide use 20 years ago. Why should anyone expect government to respond to anything (except an opportunity to raise taxes) in that length of time?

The good news is that no one was hurt this time. The would-be intruders ran away when an alarm was sounded.

Oh, and the police say use cell phones at your own risk.
Police said however, if students continue to call 911 from cell phones, there calls will likely be routed to outside agencies adding critical minutes to emergency response calls.
They apparently have no plans to catch up with 1980s technology.

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