Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Beginning of Oppression in the UK

The way the police treat us verges on the criminal | Comment | The Observer The police and the government have run amok and there seems to be no force on the horizon to turn things around.
It was once possible to believe the government's unusual attention to law, order and behaviour was benevolent yet ill-conceived. Now it looks more like the result of late-onset sociopathy, influenced by a long period in power and the degenerate entanglement between Downing Street and the seething red-top newspapers.
The DNA database now includes 3 million people, one in five are black. (They collect DNA if the arrest you for any reason, even if later on it turns out they had no valid reason.)

If you want to see what the onset of technological totalitarianism looks like, just look at the UK.

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