Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & You is an interesting little love story from England. With a twist on the "love at first sight" story.

Rachel catches her "first site" of that someone while walking down the aisle at her wedding. But the someone is Luce (or Lucy), the woman who did the flowers for the wedding. It is completely non-political, it is just a love story. Not a mean feat in this day and age - though probably easier in the UK than the US.

An interesting story in which it looks like someone is going to get hurt - because it is a tough situation - but it all comes out right in the end, and everyone gets the a happy ending of their own. (I don't think that gives too much away.)

I absolutely love the character of Luce's mother - who at one point her daughter is trying to goad back onto the social scene.
Tea dances, reading groups, bridge clubs, ... tragic attempts by lonely old coffin-dodgers to meet someone before they give up and peg out.
That was from her blue period. She did sort of come round.

And Anthony Head - Rupert Giles from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series - has a great role as Rachel's unhappily married father.

It is hard to call this a romantic comedy. There are moments that are funny but there are others that are very sad.

The movie is not perfect. It was shot for relatively little money - which means that although the script is good, they had to make do with some tough conditions dictated by the weather and budget. Still it is a fun movie.

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