Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is It Legal or Is It Vigilantism? - Good Question: Can You Shoot A Home Intruder? Another member of the journalism profession (sic) who doesn't know legal self-defense from vigilantism.

Confronted with a case of legal self-defense, this idiot asks a stupid question.
That shot killed the intruder, which left some WCCO-TV viewers wondering: When is it OK to take the law into our own hands?
It is never OK to take the law into your own hands. That is called vigilante justice.

It is, however, ALWAYS OK to defend yourself or your family from violent attack. That is called self-defense, and it is a human right.

(If you want to let this jackass know how you feel about this story and his anti-gun/anti-self-defense bias, write to him at
[Hat tip Keep And Bear Arms]

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