Thursday, November 02, 2006

News Flash - Letting Criminals Out of Jail Leads to More Crime

Italy crime spree blamed on amnesty | The Guardian Unlimited Only the Italians.... well, perhaps the British would do this too....
Italy's centre-left government was facing an outcry yesterday over law and order after figures emerged linking a wave of gangland murders to a mass pardon rushed through parliament soon after it took office.
It was apparently too much trouble to only pardon petty criminals, it was much easier to just open the flood gates.
According to the latest figures, more than 24,000 convicted offenders have been freed under a measure approved by parliament at the end of July. The pardon was intended to ease overcrowding in Italy's jails.

Recent polls have suggested that the measure is among the most unpopular actions taken by the government.
God knows they couldn't spend more on prisons and less on something else. Besides, that would be the actions of a conservative government - or at least a sane government.

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