Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not acting in his own best interest

If the charges are true, the police chief in question has questionable judgement. The Sun News | SLED arrests area police chief on domestic violence charges So did this police chief think he was above the law? Well he found out, he isn't.
Arrest warrants signed by both High and Judge Isaac L. Pyatt, show that High is accused of engaging in a pattern of "intentional, substantial and unreasonable intrusion into the private life" of the victim, after a restraining order was signed by a family court judge.

One warrant shows that High is accused of repeatedly making phone calls, sending e-mail and sending letters to and driving past the victim's place of employment, as well as following the victim, between Aug. 2 and Oct. 28, 2006.
Innocent until proven guilty of course. SLED stands for "S.C. Law Enforcement Division."

Can "the system" protect you, when you need protection from the people in that system? Arresting the chief of police in his own jursidiction is a tricky proposition to say the least.

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