Thursday, November 23, 2006

Now the Brady Bunch is Bent Out of Shape Over Xmas Ornaments

Xmas Ornament />Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/22/2006 | Gun ornament draws fire The gun grabbers in PA are bent out of shape or just plain just bent.
Nothing says Christmas quite like a glittery black handgun hanging from the tree.

Urban Outfitters Inc. - no stranger to controversial products - is offering the 5-inch-long, Chinese-made gun ornament for $6 in its stores and catalogs this year.
The Gov (Rendell) has a spokesman calls it "twisted." The spokesman for the Philly Police Department calls it "outrageous."

They need to lighten up. It's a damn piece of plastic for goodness sake. But if it gets the gun grabbers to stop and take time to be insane, it can't be all bad.

Urban Outfitters will sell you one for 6 bucks. (The photo is a link that will take you there as well.) [hat tip Alphecca]

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