Friday, November 10, 2006

Still Think "The System" Will Protect You?

JusticeThe Baker County Press: Grand jury indicts Dressel for first-degree murder and two attempts November 1

He was under a restraining order. One of many that he had violated. He was wearing an ankle bracelet that was supposed to track his movements. None of this did any good.
Mr. Dressel was wearing an ankle bracelet when he allegedly broke into a trailer in the Dixie trailer park off George Hodges Road in Macclenny that morning and shot Ms. Below to death in a hallway. Her two children were present during the shooting.

He then shot and wounded his ex-girlfriend’s stepfather Malcolm Johns, 45, with the same .357 pistol.

He then turned the pistol on Debra Johns, 54, Ms. Below’s mother, and shot at her as she attempted to hide behind a bed. The bullet missed.
The "system" cannot protect you in the few moments you have when violence strikes - you are on your own.

These people may not have been able to defend themselves had they been armed. Indeed, from the story, we don't know if they did have a gun somewhere. There are no guarantees in this life, and preparing for an emergency is no guarantee that you will survive the emergency.

My point is that you cannot hope that the police will protect you, or that the courts will protect you. They simply cannot. You should at least be prepared to protect yourself.
[Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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