Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who is the Victim Here?

Pizza deliverer, friends of teen suspect try to cope with killing A pizza delivery guy defends himself from robbers after he was threatened with being shot. But the reporter doesn't know who to charge... the police in Atlanta are equally confused.

Handing over his car keys wasn't enough for the goblins.
"I said I did not have cellphone," Mahmood said. "He became very aggressive and said he would shoot me if I did not give him my cellphone. I said, 'I give you my cellphone.' I grabbed my gun instead of cellphone. I shot him to find my way out."
Not happy with "law-abiding citizen defends himself from robber" the reporter decides to paint the dead guy in glowing terms, as seen through the eyes of his friends.
"Do you feel a 14-year-old life should be taken for a slice of pizza?" Chikobi Bush asked.
No, but then then the pizza delivery man should not have been threatened. This guy was NOT killed over pizza; he was killed because he threatened to shoot someone, and that someone took him seriously.

Read the article - this is a crime-ridden area. It is not surprising that a pizza delivery guy would carry a gun, and it is completely reasonable to assume that if someone threatens to shoot you, they mean it.

I'm sure this guys family and friends will miss him. I am equally sure that the pizza delivery guy's family would miss him if he had been killed. (He works 2 jobs to support his 2 daughters.)

As Clayton said, "A robber (or his friends) are in no position to complain about life not being valued by the shooter; the robber has already demonstrated that he considers the life of his victim worth nothing at all."

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