Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Gun Stops a Crime

Off-duty corrections officer shoots, kills gas station robber You're waiting to get your car fixed when 2 goblins come into the auto-repair shop and one puts a gun to a mechanic's head. What do you do?

Off-duty Corrections Officer Thomas Martinez shot and killed the one with the gun. No word on whether or not the 2nd goblin got away, but I read several stories of this incident and none say he was captured. And he is described as running away.

The mechanic, he gets to go home to his 4 daughters.

Martinez is eligible to carry his gun while off-duty. Police are sure Martinez acted appropriately given that the mechanic's life was threatened.

And the gun in the hand of a law-abiding citizen stops a crime. Oh, the gun-haters and such will make much of the fact that he was an officer, but the point is, a law-abiding population that is armed population is a population relatively safe from the goblins.

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