Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Restraining Order Fails

JusticeProtection order couldn't save victim of slaying
Records: Estranged husband repeatedly violated injunction

An emergency restraining order was granted in early November. An active (regular) order was put in place on 21 Nov. 2006. By Monday, Wendy Kane was dead. She had been stabbed with a screwdriver. She was 35.
When state troopers arrived Monday morning, Wendy was already dead and Thomas Kane was still inside the couple's Lake Shore Village home, where he was captured.
He was out on bail for a previous violation of the restraining order. He had been released on $1500 bond.

The Left is always going on about how restraining orders and calling the police will save you, or encouraging women to go hide in shelters. None of these things works every time.

Restraining orders have their place in a legal strategy, but they will not keep you safe from someone bound and determined to do harm. Having a gun, or other means of defense may not have saved Wendy Kane, but having a restraining order and calling the police did nothing. There are no guarantees in this life, and being prepared for an emergency is not a guarantee that I will survive the emergency, but the police are many minutes away, and in those few minutes that make all the difference, you are on your own. If you need to defend yourself from violent attack, few things are as effective as a firearm.

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