Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Bad Few Days For Goblins

Police: Wounded Home Invader Stumbles Into Post Office - News
Dallas police said a person was shot breaking into a home, and stumbled, bleeding into a Post Office
This paper calls the goblin a "victim," since they hate guns and anyone shot must be the poor defenseless victim - and not a home invader.... Anyway, voice your disapproval by writing to them.

Update: It appears that the story in question has been edited... They no longer refer to the goblin as "victim," but as "the wounded man." Way to go NBC!

KOBTV.com - Police identify man shot in home invasion This happened Friday. A guy broke into someone's home.
While in the home, Gabaldon was apparently shot, the spokesperson said. He then stumbled back to his car.

He was found dead just outside the home after crashing his car into a fence
The car was stolen earlier in the month, and the goblin in question has a history of burglary. He picked the wrong house.

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