Monday, December 04, 2006

Call 911 and Wait to Be Rescued? Not in Tuscon

Crime overwhelming TPD | � Because they don't seem to think they need more police, the police are very busy. The result is people calling 911 have to wait.
In August, the department's average response time was 76.43 minutes for the least serious cases, which include mail theft and neighbor disputes that don't involve a threat of violence. Downtown Division officers responded quickest, with an average of 40.66 minutes; South Division was slowest, with an average of 96.4 minutes, police statistics show.
Remember, these are the AVERAGE response times, not the minimum and definitely not the maximum.

Even you are able to call for help before the crime is committed, you are going to wait a very long time for help. Will you spend that time hiding in fear, bleeding to death, or reloading your Glock after having defended yourself? Do you know how many bad things can happen in 96 minutes?

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